3D Functional Fitness Blog is the training and nutrition ramblings of Ben Pratt, one of the UK fitness industries foremost experts. Ben, has a BSc in Sports Science and is a highly qualified personal trainer. He has been an advocate of functional training for many years and has utilised these training methods in his own training throughout that time period. Ben regularly presents across the UK and abroad at some of the top fitness conventions and forums. He embraces new and exciting training methodology and knows that training is much more likely to be a regular part of our lives if it is fun and we enjoy what we do! Ben is the author of the book The Complete Guide to Suspended Fitness Training which is available to buy on Amazon or via the publisher Bloomsbury.

Ben also holds an MSc in Holistic Nutrition and has a keen passion in the subject of nutrition and health, and as such promotes naturally occurring, nutrient dense foods that are sourced within the local area. He is also the author of the book Nutrition’s Playground, It’s all about food in a roundabout way, which is available to buy on Amazon or via CPI books.

Ben is available for personal online nutrition and fitness consultations and support, helping clients in their fitness, health, diet and lifestyle objectives. Please get in touch directly to find out more via ben.naturalfood@gmail.com

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