Functional GIANT set training

Here is my first functional fitness offering. A functional training giant set. It utilises a kettlebell, both small and large XCO’s and a ViPR. These are all bang up to date training mediums that are helping fitness experts create exciting new training programmes. This particular giant set focuses on lunges and overhead arm drivers in both the sagittal (forward/backward) and frontal (side to side) planes of motion. It requires strength and power and will surely work up a sweat and a good heart rate in the process.

The challenge is to perform all 4 exercises back to back with no rest. At the end of the 4 exercises a 1 minute rest is allowed, then repeat.

4 complete sets (alternate left and right side on relevant exercises – 2 sets each side)

10 complete repetitions per exercise

  1. Frontal kettlebell snatch (2 sets right, 2 sets left)
  2. Small XCO sprints with jump lunge (count reps with the jump – 6 total arm drives per jump – so 60 total arm drives)
  3. Alternating ViPR lunges with high low drivers (right and left lunge count as 1 rep)
  4. Large XCO with frontal step and high overhead frontal arm drive (2 sets right, 2 sets left)

Enjoy the first 3D Functional Fitness workout! Your comments are very welcome.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mikeos06 says:

    Good work Ben, personally I love the big movements like this over a 20 sec period times 4 exercises. High intensity, short period of time, fantastic!!!

  2. mikeos06 says:

    So good I said it twice, twice

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